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Video with driving instructions:

>> CLICK HERE to download the ASSISTED DRIVING INSTRUCTIONS AUDIO that you can play in your car while driving to our house
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Book your flight tickets to Malaga (AGP) Airport in the south of Spain.


The easiest way to get from the airport to your hotel near Torrox is to take a 35 minutes taxi drive. A taxi from the airport should cost around 65-80 euro. Check the fee with the driver before entering the taxi. Anything above 90 euro is far too much.

You can call Ferramar Taxi Service on +34 636 812 324 (24 hour service, they speak English) for a taxi from/to the airport and/or travel around Torrox/Nerja.

Car rental:

Since a taxi to and from the airport is already -+ 140 euro return fare, you might as well prefer to rent a car for a week for this fee. Then you can drive where you want. Click here for website 1, and here another choice on website 2. Google ‘rent car Malaga airport’ for more choices.


Our home is in the hills of Torrox.
To book your hotel, look for places near Torrox Pueblo/City (5 min drive), Torrox Costa (10 min drive) or Nerja (15 min drive).
We live on a hill overlooking the sea and mountains, in the middle of nowhere, near Torrox ‘Pueblo’, which means Torrox ‘City’. It’s about 8 minutes drive from the beach.

We recommend the following places for booking a hotel:
Check the location on the map before booking a hotel, because sometimes they write the name of the city closely instead of the real location they are in. If you click the links, you’ll have a few options. Googling the location will give you even more choice.
1. Stay in Torrox Costa if you want to be close (10 min drive) to our home and the beach. Click here to view a few suggested hotels nearby.
2. Stay near the Plaza de Europa in the center of Nerja (15 min drive) if you want to be surrounded by tons of restaurants, a smaller beach and lots of shopping.
3. Stay at Playa Burriana (15 min drive) in Nerja if you want to be on a larger tourist beach in Nerja and still have a strip of restaurants to choose from. If you stay here and rent a car, make sure your hotel has reserved parking, because it’s impossible to find a public parking spot in the summer near the beach.
4. Stay in Torrox (Pueblo/City) if you want to be 5 min drive from us. It’s a much smaller town than Nerja and less to do. I think the beach or Nerja city locations are better to stay. You’ll have to drive to get to us anyway, and the beach or Nerja city have more eating/shopping/tourist options than Torrox.
5. Look for remote places in the hills, if you want to have a private swimming pool and a house for yourself similar to ours… Google ‘alquiler casa campo torrox’ or ‘alquiler casas rurales torrox’. Here are a few options: Website 1. Website 2. Website 3. Most are 10-15 min drive from a city or beach. But look up their location because you might end up driving up to 30 minutes into a windy road in the hills depending on the location.


We like Japanese, Thai and Italian. These are our favourite restaurants.
If you prefer other type of food, there is plenty of choice.
Ichiban is our favourite Japanse restaurant in Nerja
Holiday Lounge (next to El Picadero) has the best pizza on the beach of Torrox Costa
Ristorante Vitaliano in Nerja, an Italian restaurant near the east beach of Nerja
Lan Sang, Thai restaurant in center Nerja
– Lan Sang has a sister restaurant at Burriana Playa in Nerja, similar thai food. It’s called YuuTaley at Paseo de Burriana. It’s very near Rincon del Sol at the end of the beach.
Rincon del Sol is a nice lounge beach bar at Burriana Playa in Nerja
– There is a restaurant named ‘Antwerp’ at Burriana Playa in Nerja, where we go for Belgian chocolate mousse or cake.

Transport to our home:

To get to/from our home, you can take a taxi. If you stay near Torrox (pueblo), Torrox Costa or Nerja, it should be around 10-15 euro. Maybe you can negotiate with a taxi driver a lower group fee/multiple ride fee. You can ask your hotel for a taxi or there will be probably a taxi stand nearby if you stay on the beach or in a town.

You can call also Ferramar Taxi Service on +34 636 812 324 (24 hour service, they speak English) for a taxi from/to the airport and/or travel around Torrox/Nerja.

As an alternative, we have a friend taxi driver who charges these standard fees. Disadvantage is that he only speaks Spanish. You can try a few words in English, mentioning the location and time he has to pick you up, and maybe it will work out. His name is Paco and his mobile phone is +34 607 600 821.
What you can try also is calling Paco at his home number. His kids speak English so they can translate. So you can’t get Paco to understand what you want on his mobile phone, call his home number +34 636 09 44 10.

Approximate Taxi prices from our home:
Airport: 65 euro
Nerja: 12 euro
Torrox Costa: 12 euro
Torrox Pueblo: 8 euro


Torrox is located in the only tropical microclimate zone in Europe.
You can summarise the weather as following: it’s always sunny, never really cold, never rains.
July-August is very hot.
January-March can be a bit windy on some days.
Click here for weather averages.

An exceptional “bad” weather week in February:

An typical “average” weather week in June:

What to bring:

– No matter when you come, bring always sunglasses and sunscreen. Even in the winter, you won’t be able to keep your eyes open and get burned without those.
– Jacket if you come in the winter. You probably won’t need it, but some days might be windy.
– You need only warm clothes if you plan to go skiing (one hour drive) in the winter.
– Short trousers or skirt/dress if you come in summer. It’s hot.
– Swimming suit if you come between May-September.
– Need internet on the go or a SIM card? Click here (https://www.tuenti.com) to get a local Spanish SIM card. You can buy it online or go to the shop: Comercio, C/calzada Edif.padalmedina B.2, Torrox-Costa


Our house is impossible to find without a map!
This is why having just our address is useless.
Even neighbors or taxi drivers (except Paco) don’t know where it is. Based on the address only, nobody will be able to guide you. The only way to find our house is to print the map we prepared for you in English and Spanish.

>> AUDIO VERSION – CLICK HERE to download the ASSISTED DRIVING INSTRUCTIONS AUDIO that you can play in your car while driving to our house
>> VIDEO VERSION – CLICK HERE to download the VIDEO (featured on top of this page) with driving instructions
>> CLICK HERE to download the image with driving instructions

Once more: really smart people tried to read the instructions at home, without taking them with them, thought they would make it because it looked simple… and ended up looking for our house for over one hour… Please print the instructions and take them with you to save a lot of time.

Emergency Phone:

In case of emergencies, you can ask a taxi driver to call us on our number +34 610 012 485.