We’ll Teach 10 People
How to Break Crowdfunding Records

Our Crowdfunding Strategy Has Raised Over One Million Dollars and Shattered Industry Records.
10 People Will Be Selected To Master the Complete Strategy and Become Crowdfunding Consultants.

We currently hold:

  • Most funded European documentary. $160,000 raised on Indiegogo, over $800,000 raised in total
  • Most funded documentary ever on Indiegogo: over $360,000 raised on Indiegogo.

The next record could be yours.

We’re inviting 10 skilled and motivated coaches to participate in our next crowdfunding campaign and discover everything we know about how to raise funds, build an audience, and shatter records.
This is a powerful skillset that will be a formidable addition to your coaching repertoire, letting you help you and your clients easily raise funds whenever you need it.

Why You Have This Opportunity:

  1. When we raised $800,000 to make our film, Leap, thanks to our first campaign, we thought we may be onto something.
  2. When our next clients raised over $360,000 with their Indiegogo campaign, we knew that it wasn’t just luck.
  3. We now frequently receive requests by entrepreneurs and filmmakers wanting us to run their campaigns. It’s getting to the point where we have more projects than we can handle. So, we need to train others with our method so they can receive clients from us.
  4. We now have the first investors onboard for our next film, IMPACT. The crowdfunding campaign goes live in March.
  5. We’re inviting 10 people to be a part of this, and discover everything that we do. With your newfound expertise you’ll be able to call yourself a Crowdfunding Consultant and earn money from the clients who we refer to you.

Important things you should know:

  • Applications close on March 1, 2017
  • Only 10 skilled coaches will be selected.
  • The crowdfunding campaign for Impact – where you’ll develop your skills on a real campaign – begins early March 2017
  • All applicants, whether accepted or not, will instantly receive free access to our ‘Crowdfunding Success’ eBook and video, revealing the 15 step process we use for our campaigns

Apply here:

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